Estimated Capacity

Keg Size


45 Pints 1/6 Barrel Standard $75
125 Pints 1/2 Barrel Standard $175
45 Pints 1/6 Barrel Imperial $100
125 Pints 1/2 Barrel Imperial $225


We offer kegs in two sizes, 1/6 Barrel and 1/2 Barrel

*There is a $75 deposit for all kegs.

We also have taps available for rental for $15 with a $50 deposit.


Please call (425) 242-7979 a week in advance to reserve your keg.

Interested in offering our beers in your restaurant, pub, or bar?


Contact us for wholesale

Phone (425) 242-7979


Now in Bottles!

Look for our Folkvang Red; Landwink IPA; Enabler Session IPA; Falcon Cloak Blonde; Intervention IIPA; Bygg Vin Barrel Aged Barley Wine bottles in select Washington stores or at the brewery.

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